Achieve efficiency gains by automating routine and repetitive tasks with Startek® Robotic Process Automation

Harness the power of bots to automate routine and repetitive tasks to streamline business processes, improve accuracy and drive greater productivity.

Deloitte data reveals that 95% of organizations using robotic process automation (RPA) say it has improved productivity.

By using bots to perform the work, RPA enables brands to automate repetitive, routine tasks. Programmed to mimic human actions, such as logging into applications, copying and pasting data and performing calculations, the bots work at a much faster rate, with a higher degree of accuracy than a live agent, delivering efficiencies.

RPA streamlines business processes, improves efficiency and reduces costs while freeing up agents to focus on more complex customer needs. RPA is ideally suited to eliminating the burden of time-consuming, repetitive and rule-based tasks.

Startek® Robotic Process Automation

Startek® Robotic Process Automation automates high-volume interactions and routine inquiries, eliminating wait times to drive cost efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

  • Data capture - collect and synthesize your data
  • Data enrichment - modify, rationalize and normalize your data
  • Data validation – validate and authenticate your data
  • Process -perform process actions
  • Reconcile - ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Analyze and report - reliable, accurate, timely analysis and reporting

Startek deploys robotic process automation in three ways:

  • Attended automation
    also known as assisted automation RPA bots work alongside live agents, reducing the burden of the tasks needed to do their work. The agent triggers the bot and is responsible for overseeing the automation process. We recommend attended automation where a high degree of human judgment or decision-making is required.
  • Unattended automation
    also known as unassisted automation Bots run automatically and complete tasks without the need for human involvement. In this scenario, the bots perform repetitive, routine tasks that are well-defined and rule-based, such as data entry, data processing and report generation.
  • Cognitive automation
    By combining AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities into RPA solutions Startek enables RPA systems to perform tasks that are more complex and require human-like intelligence, such as recognizing and extracting information from unstructured data, handling exceptions and making decisions.


Fast, efficient completion of routine tasks
Scalable solutions that flex alongside business requirements
Automate rules-based work without compromising underlying IT infrastructure

Case study

RPA drives efficiency and customer satisfaction

The challenge

Our client, a leading e-commerce company, wanted to streamline the customer claims process. Their existing process resulted in multiple incident logs for each concern raised

Startek worked closely with the client to streamline the process for managing customer concerns, reducing the opportunity for human error and creating a faster process to drive customer satisfaction.

The Startek® solution

  • Leveraged Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to perform initial triage on claims received
  • RPA provides 24/7 support converting claims received into actionable items, and appropriately queues items for trained agents to process
  • RPA manages high volume, repeatable tasks while agent resources are focused on high value and high complexity tasks

The results

  • $500K ROI (over 3 years)
  • 70% reduced claim turnaround time
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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