Service Solutions

Our Solutions Team engages with clients to fully understand their specific goals and anticipate the needs of their customers. The Solutions Team is involved from the earliest lifecycle stages of our client engagements through to full operations to define the right solution, utilizing existing STARTEK tools and technologies. We deliver the right people, trained and guided by the right leadership, and enabled by the right technology, to make a meaningful impact on our clients’ businesses. Our execution and our way of engagement builds long lasting trust with our clients through The STARTEK Advantage System.

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Technology Solutions

STARTEK has been providing best-in-class technical support solutions for some of the world’s largest companies since 1998. Through our experience, we have identified and developed best practices for delivering levels of technical support that fit our clients’ ever-changing needs. STARTEK delivers high-quality, customized technical support solutions for all stages of the customer lifecycle, from basic troubleshooting to advanced technical support—for both businesses (B2C) and consumer (B2B) support.

The customized technical support solutions that we design for our clients enhance productivity, reduce defect rates, improve customer satisfaction, strengthen customer loyalty, and drive first-contact resolution at a Tier-1 level—all while decreasing overall operational costs.

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Customer Engagement

STARTEK provides customer experience support throughout the lifecycle of our clients’ customers. These offerings include customer care, sales support, inbound sales, complex order processing, accounts receivable management, technical and product support, up-selling and cross-selling, and other industry-specific processes. Our ability to provide these services is enabled by leveraging technology, agent-performance tools, analytics, self-service applications, and various other tools that enable and empower our Brand Warriors.

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