Today, customers expect to connect immediately, have quick resolutions, and use digital self-service technologies without any compromise on experience. We endeavour to orchestrate the quality of self-help to such a precise manner, that the need for service itself becomes redundant. We help create seamless omnichannel functions and synchronise interactions between a brand and a customer – across multiple channels. When you have a need to cultivate and integrate engagement channels, we offer cloud-enabled omnichannel solutions to optimize all opportunities. We also enable you to integrate with diverse self-service technologies that are adaptive and agile in order to make the most of cultivated leads that your brand spends money and time nurturing. This supports the goal of closing the deal and ensuring cohesive customer experiences.

Despite seismic digital shifts, customers still expect a huge degree of ‘human touch’. With scalable and reliable capabilities, we offer a digitized contact centre as a service across traditional and non-traditional channels. We unify channels to build consolidated and creative relationships and experiences that reflect our contact centre effectiveness. We drive intelligence through platforms and customers’ moments of truth to grow loyalty-driven outcomes. We work with cloud-enabled contact centre solutions through technologies such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or homegrown traditional BPM platforms.

We provide engagement across all social media channels to make interactions fast, easy and convenient while also shaping opportunities to positively impact sales and customer loyalty. We derive intelligence via 360-degree data analytics to offer proactive, precise and personalized actionable insights that serve as a springboard for brand loyalty and increased sales. Our consistent support helps you navigate the digital and social landscape to effectively augment your competitive advantage.

Self-service has grown to become a big part of our lives now and it serves to benefit both the customer and the business. Clients can use our various self-serve options such as IVR, web portals, chat bots and digital customer communities to rebuild human experiences across self-service channels - accurately, consistently and faster. Additionally, we help serve customers cost-effectively and across multiple languages.

Mobility is the key to an improved omnichannel experience and to being connected with smart and new breed devices and applications. We help integrate mobility with business processes to deliver engaging, easy-to-use mobile solutions.  Apart from being an easy on the go Point of Sale (POS), it also enables us to engage via messaging or chat for services, ratings or reviews. The impact is quicker resolutions, connected services, reduced abandoned rates, and robust data protection and security.

We have measured that the customer’s attitude towards a brand is determined across all three moments of truth – The zero moment of truth which is about awareness and research; the first moment of truth which is about evaluation, decision and purchase; and the second moment of truth which is about use, service, satisfaction and loyalty. We help you across all three moments, as there is an opportunity for higher conversion and higher satisfaction. But importantly, when the second moment of truth is well taken care of, it greatly helps omnichannel success and enables you to augment lifelong brand advocates. To that end, we integrate channels for customer lifetime value, insights and results via Artificial Intelligence enabled omnichannel customer journeys.

Web and email remain prominent digital platforms for interactions. We offer a web-self-service system where we integrate with our client’s website or web-services to API connections, to bring in actual data. For instance, such as billing payments, amount owed, payment status or returns on e-commerce sites. Customers have easy access to information and resolution because the web is a free form text with drop down capabilities.

Businesses today need to operate at their peak no matter how complex their goals or technologies may be. Our cloud-enabled platforms and work from home solutions help you handle the bulk of your round-the-clock monitoring, issue resolution and reporting, and more. Our solution also helps you customize customer experiences to both the customer and brand’s needs – all for faster business growth. Additionally, we optimize customer channels’ efficiency and infrastructure management for smooth business operations and outcomes.

We leverage Artificial Intelligence to customize our chatbots while also not undermining the crucial role of the human element. We offer reactive chats that automate customer support across websites and other digital channels while always having a backup of connecting to our seasoned specialists. We also offer proactive chats for sales, service and business opportunities based on website analytics. We transform CX and brand reputation with advanced chatbots that understand context.