Goal Driven Planning

Our Solutions Team engages with clients to fully understand their specific goals and anticipate the needs of their customers. The Solutions Team is involved from the earliest lifecycle stages of our client engagements through to full operations to define the right solution, utilizing existing STARTEK tools and technologies. We deliver the right people trained and guided by the right leadership and enabled by the right technology to make a meaningful impact on our clients’ businesses.

Custom Designed Packages

We approach each client as an opportunity to design a customized solution to fit their technology needs. STARTEK can choose from carefully selected vendors to create a technology solution that is custom-designed to fit the business needs of our clients and hosted on our proprietary technology platform. To learn more about a successful solution designed for our client click here.


Implementation Offerings

We offer a variety of customer-centric solutions that provide front-to back-office capabilities employing the right delivery platforms, including onshore, near shore, offshore, and STARTEK@Home sourcing alternatives. We also offer multi-channel interactions across voice, e-mail, chat, SMS text and social media. We are differentiated by our client-centric culture, quality of our execution and results, and our flexibility and competitive pricing. Our solutions are aligned with each client’s unique needs. We are flexible in designing solutions around our clients’ strategic goals, and we provide experienced management teams that bring together a trained, productive workforce, equipped with the right tools, processes and technologies.


Cost Effective

We are confident in our ability to be cost competitive. Through clearly understanding client’s needs and striving for goal congruency, we can assure that our partnership is aligned in the most effective manner.