As patients have become accustomed to the convenience of digital experiences in other sectors, healthcare payers and providers must keep pace with health-tech companies by offering seamless patient support across live and digital channels.

As many as 82% of patients are ready to switch providers as a result of a bad experience and memorable CX is what patients want and expect with 72% saying good customer service is highly valued. But healthcare providers must do more than merely provide a friendly experience. With 31% of patients selecting a provider based on online reviews, providers must carefully curate their online reputation to stay ahead.

Case study


Improving the patient journey with Startek® Interaction Analytics

The challenge

Our client, a leading U.S. healthcare provider, wanted to improve the patient journey by aligning internal processes with the patient journey to reduce patient effort.

The Startek® solution
  • Using Startek® Interaction Analytics, developed a deep understanding of the patient journey and built use cases for individual patient paths
  • Redesigned the customer-care associate hiring and training program and customer-care processes
  • Empowered agents to own issues across the patient journey
The results
  • 12% increase in patient satisfaction
  • 18% increase in first-time equipment order efficiency
  • 15% reduction in agent attrition

Your trusted CX partner

Trusted by the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, Startek® has the expertise you need to deliver world-class CX.



Supporting voice and non-voice services



Global delivery with local flair



Building stronger customer connections



Trusted by leading brands

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