Analytics & Insights

A digitally driven, customer-centric and data-filled world requires intelligent decision-making. That means leveraging data, next-gen technologies, and capabilities. Outpacing your competition isn’t an easy task but coupling relevant insights and AI driven solutions with a consultative approach can help your brand translate data into effective actions. We consider analytics to be an essential arm of our digital offerings because your business is only as competent as the insights that fuel it. We have cutting edge data environments, cloud-based platforms, Artificial Intelligence driven technologies and data scientist to deliver insights.

We use analytics to shape relationships, scale businesses, predict behaviors, segment customers and augment customer experiences. All in order to translate consumer insights and big data into initiatives that drive transformation and above-market growth.

Your brand knows the importance of a good customer experience, but sometimes it’s easy to become unsure about the results of interactions, supported channels and CX strategies. We help you get a closer, intelligent and consistent look at the Voice of Customer (VOC) so you know whether your efforts are reducing churn, increasing customer loyalty, fueling growth and transforming CX. We help you segment which customers are most valuable and which are at the risk of customer churn. We analyze every customer contact interaction to improve overarching training, quality and processes for the goal of customer experience satisfaction and creating brand promoters out of your customers. Our goal is to give your brand a 360-degree view of the entire customer journey.

How your brand operates plays a pivotal role in driving profits, creating competitive advantage and delivering impactful and positive customer experience. We analyze and help redesign each of your operations to identify how they can be automated, enriched and optimized. We work with new and existing brand partners to provide up-to-date information on their daily functions and use our technology infrastructure and platform suite to make processes more efficient. We help harmonize and integrate data for agile and intuitive processes. Our goal is to help you transform your business execution and decision making to enhance your service levels with data-driven insights by leveraging cloud, visualization and Artificial Intelligence enabled tools and metrics.

In a world of ever-changing expectations and trends, it helps to know both your customers and competitors next move. We help you transform data into future insights. Our AI-powered analytics boost customer conversations and conversions by personalizing customer journeys. It is also our goal to help you know where your competitors stand and enable your brand to exploit patterns, detect risk, control churn and make intuitive decisions for top-line growth.

Many organizations fail to fully realize the success of their marketing & sales strategies. We help maximize those efforts by analyzing your social campaigns and databases to garner real value and insights. We enable your brand to drive significant growth and marketing budget savings by improving ROI and leveraging personalized marketing messages. Our fine-tuned omni-channel campaigns improve brand and sales force effectiveness and much more.

In order to have competitive advantage, it is important to know if you are making the right collaborative move through the right channel and at the right time. We understand that great decisions demand timely analytics. We maximize the value of your data to help you build plans, manage risks, increase visibility across business units, build and manage next gen command centers, gain real-time customer understanding and execute effective strategies.

Sentiments are often expressed not just through words but through emotion. If we just stick to the words, we lose out on what gets conveyed trough tone, pitch and emotional connection. There is also the case of unstructured data sources such as email, chat, IVR messaging , mobile and more. Our speech and text analytics integrates and automates data, and allows us to look at tonality, the way empathy has been expressed, the richness of voice and more in order to find out the true voice of the customer to help you shape the customer journey more accurately.