Consumers today crave brand connection and new brand experiences across multiple channels of customer engagement. Consumers are also being bombarded with brand messages and self-service on the very same channels to the point of indifference. To stay ahead and stand apart, your business needs to sell not just a product or service, but a promise. One that is fulfilled by delivering consistent, creative customer-brand engagements with an emotional connect. And with omni-channel uniformity as enabled by our tech-enabled and empowered workforce.

In the age of the digital consumer, we help you pique interest, elevate experience, nurture leads, make sales, reduce churn and grow customer brand affinity with our CX driven digital engagement services and solutions – that support throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Our human assisted digital approaches help you define and build differentiated customer experiences, every step of the way, in order to spark brand loyalty and exclusivity. Our anytime-anywhere approach is based on knowing that customer or user experience is the basis of all decision making. We thus design and deliver customer experience design through an integrated omni-channel customer contact management offering. Our primary focus is helping brands achieve digital advantage and designing contact strategies that maximise the benefits of each channel, reducing customer effort and increasing ease of use.

Understanding the lifetime view of the client or customer is key in obtaining enhanced value and outcomes. From initial lead to building long term brand loyalty, we help you extend and foster healthier, holistic relationships with your customers not as a one-time option but as an ongoing process and relationship. We offer cradle to grave multi-lingual customer life cycle customer engagement services and fulfilment across digitally enabled multi-lingual channels. From data-driven insights, attracting and retaining customers to converting sales, we help you tailor personalized services on a one-on-one basis.

When there are many back-end issues to deal with, your focus on the core issues may falter. We step in to free your business leader of the repetitive, mundane processes that take up time and effort. We assist you with change management and lead you up to streamlined, global processes that take your business to the next level of maturity. We follow global best practices, tools and methodologies for automating of your business process and above all quality assurance.

True omni-channel brand management is required in the digital age. Our omni-channel resources support multiple languages, locations, and channels – including, SMS, voice, chat, social, video, mobile, IVR, self-service and email. We integrate all legacy and digital customer engagement channels and data on to one platform to enable our brand engagement specialists to provide the best possible authentic customer experiences.

We help you identify probable customer churn by utilizing multiple data sources to predict consumer behaviours, purchase patterns, competitor trends, market trends and more. We help equip your brand with proactive customer insights, cross-channel analytics, speech analytics solutions for real-time actionable insights to build brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

Supercharge your bottom-line and accelerate your return on experiences investment with our agile omni-channel inbound/outbound direct sales capabilities. We help you boost demand and growth with proven increases in revenue with our AI platform driven, human backed sales processes that enable you to reach the right people at the right time and through the right channels. We also assist you with collections and recoveries with automated, intelligent processes while protecting your brand.

The happiness quotient is the new industry catch-phrase. Keeping your customers happy by providing them what they want, when and how they want it can transform the consumer-brand relationship. Often, the ability to orchestrate a customer journey is what grows your wallet versus only chasing after new customers. We help you analyse customer interactions across multiple touchpoints in order to execute the best experiences while also predicting the future interactions. We help you provide high-touch customer care and engagement by working as an extension of your team and capabilities.