Our omnichannel solutions ensure meaningful partnership in a consumer-focused cable and media landscape, where changing preferences and demand for a curated content experience is driving a business model rethink.


Pervasive disruptions, like streaming apps or video-on-demand, now cater to the informed consumer base that is willing to move beyond the linear programming format of entertainment. Always-on connectivity, synchronized devices and distracted attention spans have all at once contributed to a problem of plenty for the customer—choice.

For cable and media businesses however, differentiating on CX is no longer an option, it’s fundamentally imperative.

Our partnership with some of the finest Cable and Media brands has resulted in superior consumer experience, positively creating a lasting impact on your marketing goals. Our clients have benefited from our digital solutions that simplify options for end-users, helping them engage and connect across channels they prefer.

Technical Troubleshooting

Video billing, repair handling for some of the largest providers

Specialized Services

Digital television adapter and self-install kits

Automated Commercial

Billing and payment processing simplified

E-commerce Voice Support

Click-to-call, direct dial, IVR assist to optimize
e-commerce strategy

Critical back-office support

Unlocking efficiencies in business support services through digitization

Our approach helps integrate CX and marketing efforts seamlessly, enabling you to strengthen direct relationships with the end consumer and identify or segment them for better engagement. The net result is a well serviced subscriber base that grows in line with your expectations, if not beyond. Likewise, we help you stay ahead of the technology transformation curve, ensuring you stay relevant in the face of disruptions.