Committed to being a major provider in the industry

STARTEK is committed to continue to be major provider in the cable and media industries. We are dedicated to attracting and investing in top industry talent and focused on providing locations and cultures aligned to the current cable and media industry trends.

Our growth in the cable and media industry has been accelerated over the past two years as we focus on three main principles: creating a core competency and depth of experience in the industry, offering customization for our clients by designing solutions that meet our clients’ unique requirements, and maintaining the flexibility to support the fluctuations and seasonality of the industry.


Cable & Media Services

Video Billing and Repair

STARTEK’s experience in handling video billing and repair for some of the nation’s largest providers make us the ideal partner. Our expertly trained Brand Warriors are standing by to assist your customers in any service needs they may be experiencing.

Specialty Support – Digital Television Adaptor (DTA) and Self Install Kit (SIK) Support

Our Brand Warriors are on the front lines to defend your brand – that means providing excellent customer care and solutions, regardless of the service level we are supporting. In addition, our growing partnerships with some of the nation’s largest cable and media providers has allowed STARTEK to gain the technical expertise to handle any of your business needs with best-in-class support.

HSD Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Tech Support

STARTEK has been providing best-in-class technical support solutions for some of the world’s largest companies since 1998. Through our experience, we have identified and developed best practices for delivering levels of technical support that fit our clients’ ever-changing needs. STARTEK delivers high-quality, customized technical support solutions for all stages of the customer lifecycle, from basic troubleshooting to advanced technical support—for both business (B2C) and consumer (B2B) support.

ECOMMERCE Sales and order management

STARTEK can offer a great deal of suggestions and consideration in the deployment and development of a successful ecommerce strategy. Whether using “Click to Call” and other direct dial, IVR assisted, or alternative channels, we will work with you to assure that we have crafted the best solution to fit your needs. Based upon the rapidly changing landscape of the ecommerce space and available solutions, we suggests the establishment of a “pilot team.” This approach offers our clients the opportunity to test process changes, new technologies, sales strategies, and other elements of the sale cycle prior to broad deployment.

ETAIL – RETAIL Sales and order management

Over the past several years, STARTEK has developed a wide-ranging expertise in supporting the cable industry. Specific to e-tail sales, STARTEK supports similar initiatives in both direct online sales and third party e-tail partners for the second largest global cable service provider. STARTEK can utilize this experience, the lessons learned, and unique solutions to better support you in your channel development. While we understand there are differences from client to client, we also know there are similarities that can offer a more rapid path to progress and expansion to your customer base.

Back Office functions – LNP, Order Provisioning, Trouble Ticket Management

STARTEK can deliver back office services faster, cheaper and better. For most companies, the back office functions are not top of mind, but our Brand Warriors bring your back office functions to the front. We use best-in-class processes and are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate your business wherever possible.