With its suite of omnichannel solutions and leadership in CX, Startek helps global retailers unlock returns from the next wave of digitalization


As customers show willingness in using digital channels to engage into more complex transactions, the opportunity of always-on commerce opens up to retailers. Categories considered the reserve of brick-and-mortar trade continue to witness digitization. As digital tech integrates supply chains and customer contact channels, retailers are uniquely positioned to provide a truly seamless experience without compromising on trust. This shift calls for an increasing focus on rebooting customer loyalty, efficient order management and actionable customer insights that will enable fast and secure contactless transactions, boost revenues and convert customers to brand ambassadors.

With the changing landscape a host of new technologies have cluttered the playing field. From AI assisted conversational commerce to remote diagnostics and servicing enabled by social media and digital channels, Marketing, Sales and Service have all the help they need to keep the customer at the heart of Retail.

Startek is at the forefront of this new order in Retail, working closely with Marketing, Sales and Service functions at global retailers, helping them enhance CX for growth through new age services and solutions.

Customer Engagement Customer Engagement Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

We augment your efforts to enhance customer-centricity and loyalty at every stage of the customer journey, from awareness to acquisition, and aftersales. Our retail experts help elevate CX, nurture leads, enhance conversions and reduce churn. The net result can be seen in improved KPIs from customer connect initiatives that drive growth and redefine loyalty at lower total costs and accelerated returns on investments. 

Omnichannel retail Omnichannel retail Omnichannel retail

Omnichannel retail

For large global retailers who strive to interact on customer preferred channels, our solutions provide real-time brand responsiveness. Synchronized in-store experience and online presence, reputation management focus, brand consistency across customer communications, and seamless and urgent social media responses are all in order on account of our expertise.

Technical troubleshooting Technical troubleshooting Technical troubleshooting

Technical troubleshooting

High-quality, customized technical support solutions: from troubleshooting to specific tool support and advanced technical support—for both businesses (B2B) and consumer (B2C) segments.

Analytics & Insights Analytics & Insights Analytics & Insights

Analytics & Insights

Whether it’s our near three-decade experience in re-engineering the back office for efficiency with the infusion of RPA, or the success ratio of our flagship analytics solution in decoding customer behaviour, our team of multi-lingual CX experts are here to help enhance customer centricity.