The report acknowledges Startek® commitment to addressing evolving enterprise priorities through technology partnerships and proprietary tools. These efforts enhance operational efficiency, providing seamless digital-age consumer experiences, aligning seamlessly with the growing significance of AI in the CX market.

Key report takeaways

In this study, Everest Group analyzed 54 global CXM service providers featured across 4 CXM Services PEAK Matrix® Assessments and their market achievements, vision and capabilities and identified Startek® among the major contenders in the APAC region. 

Characteristics of APAC CXM providers and evaluation dimensions 

Gain insight into the criteria, traits and essential delivery capabilities needed to qualify as a leading CXM provider. Learn how Everest measures the impact created in the market-captured through three subdimensions. 

Startek® APAC CXM profile 

Review the company's key CXM investments, key strengths, proprietary solutions, partnerships market impact, vision, capabilities and its portfolio of ESG initiatives.  

17 global CXM providers 

Discover the 17 APAC CXM providers identified as Major Contenders based on their regional presence and maturity across APAC countries.

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“Startek® occupies an extensive network of agents across the APAC region providing strong language capabilities in several native languages such as Japanese, Sinhalese, Chinese, and Hindi to tap into the fast-growing CXM opportunity in the region. Company has successfully implemented outcome-based pricing models for clients that are seeking strategic partnerships. This combined with its ongoing investments to expand its cloud and employee management capabilities, has helped to position it as a Major Contender in Everest Group's Customer Experience Management (CXM) APAC – PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023.”

Sharang Sharma

Practice Director

Everest Group