The Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Awards honor companies and organizations that have accomplished innovative or disruptive breakthroughs. Startek® is proud to be recognized for New Product Innovation, Americas.

Stratek Cloud maximizes business efficiency, supporting employees to work anywhere and on any device. Startek Cloud has been honored for enabling as seamlessly transition to a cloud-based platform while maintaining service quality.

Digitally-enabled solutions add customer impact

Understand the role of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, natural language processing and streamlined security tools play in competitive and dynamic CX space.

Innovative Startek® cloud solution provides seamless CX

Enable employees to work from anywhere and on any device, with the confidence that comes with knowing that built-in security governance ensures seamless and secure operations.

Data security sets Startek® Cloud apart

COVID-19 dramatically changed the CX landscape, propelling service delivery into a virtual space. With data privacy a top priority, Startek includes information security and compliance features in its campus-on-cloud solution to ensure client trust and safety.

Omnichannel CX is critical to service delivery

Your customers increasingly expect an omnichannel experience. LISA delivers a collaborative, customizable omnichannel platform powering effective consumer engagements across channels through in-built data analytics, sentiment analysis, customer profiling.