A bold new chapter for the Startek® brand

 Rebecca Gautrey
Rebecca Gautrey

Apr 25, 2023 | 2 min read

After more than 35 years of supporting customers on behalf of leading brands across the globe, this week we embarked upon a bold new chapter of the Startek story. Our commitment to our stakeholders, who drive us to go further and do more every day, inspired this reimagined visual identity, representing the organization we have evolved into. Our business has grown to keep pace with the changing world, but one thing remains constant: We put our stakeholders first. We celebrate our journey and recommit to building the future for the stakeholders we support and serve. 

First starting out as a packaging and shipping company called StarPak, Inc. Startek has evolved many times throughout our history. By 1991, the company had expanded to offer telephone ordering and technical support services, paving the way for our future as a leading customer experience (CX) solutions provider. 

In 1996, Startek was incorporated and acquired StarPak and began using the logo that represented the mission — until now. While the logo didn’t change, a great deal changed within our business and the needs of the clients we serve. 

A personal note: When I think back to the 1990s I am reminded of the pace of change for customers and the brands they buy from. In 1997, I started university. Struggling to find course texts at my local bookstore, a lecturer suggested I try a small online bookseller, Amazon. From the computer lab, I placed my first order. At the time, online commerce was a new concept and the internet was emerging as a popular medium. I got my first mobile phone a year later. Texting was restricted by character length and mobile calls remained too expensive for the average student. In the ’90s, brands delivered customer service in person, in-store or by phone. The Startek logo reflected those times.

We began global operations in 2001 and solidified our position as a global CX solutions provider in 2018, when Startek and Aegis came together under the Startek banner. This gave Startek a footprint across the U.S., Canada, the Philippines, Honduras, Jamaica, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Argentina and Peru.

We added digital solutions to the mix but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that ignited the shift to AI and automation, forever changing what good CX meant to brands and consumers. We quickly recognized that CX service delivery would be propelled to an exciting new reality, where digital and live experiences blend seamlessly in a 24/7 environment. Digital-first Startek was born. 

With the launch of our new visual identity, we mark the next chapter in our story. Startek is a future-focused CX solutions provider taking bold steps to deliver innovation with tangible impact, bringing brands across the globe closer to their customers through memorable, personalized experiences. By effectively combining people, technology and data to deliver customer experience excellence, we create value for our clients, opportunity for our people and profitable growth for our shareholders. 

Our commitment to our three stakeholder groups — our people, our clients and our shareholders — is brought to life by the pink stakeholder bar in our new brand mark: Driving us forward and inspiring us to do more. Stronger together, whether automated or through live interactions, Startek creates joyful experiences in the moments that matter. That is our brand — now and always.

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