The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the customer experience (CX) challenges of organizations already stretched thin. In response, enterprises increasingly invested in digital CX strategies designed to drive business growth and value. But how do enterprises meet customer expectations and a new hybrid work ecosystem? In partnership with Startek®, the latest HFS research reveals 62% of CXOs believe that developing experience strategies for the hybrid physical and virtual world is one of the most challenging jobs in today’s environment. To be successful, enterprises must meticulously plan their CX strategy before re-tooling operations and re-aligning teams to avoid common pitfalls.

In this study, research with 300 U.S.-based CX leaders, unpacks the status quo, explores enterprise experience priorities, highlights challenges and pinpoints the actions needed to overcome common pitfall.

Key highlights of the research

The digital dilemma

Experience strategy has been turned on its head in a hybrid world. Creating digital solutions for customers and employees is mission-critical for driving brand differentiation.

Changing the leadership guard

Leadership roles require change for a digital and hybrid consumer world and work environment. Ambitious organizations are creating new roles focused on bringing experiences together for employees, customers and partners. Our survey found that the role of the chief experience officer has had an overwhelmingly (93%) positive impact on customer experience.

The five mistakes that enterprise leaders must avoid

Strategy, people, process, technology, partnership, data and speed are the critical elements of developing and executing experience improvements. Explore the common pitfalls that brands undergo and understand the best practices to adopt when developing a new and enhanced CX strategy.

The future of experience for brand differentiation

Humans + bots, strategic partnerships and data at the core will revolutionize experiences in the future. Successful partnerships of the future will be possible only when automation, analytics, AI and cloud expertise are well-integrated with the human element.