The COVID-19 pandemic fueled rapid adoption of next-gen analytics within the contact center as the key to working smarter and having a real impact across channels on customer experience, satisfaction and overall business. According to PwC 52% of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans in response to COVID-19.

Digital customer experience is a priority for business success. Today, organizations place emphasis on enhancing their digital CX tools to deliver against customer expectations and gain a competitive edge in the market. However, for successful adoption, organizations must focus on developing a broad ecosystem of capabilities such as talent and IT infrastructure to support their analytics journey.

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How next-gen analytics improve contact center operations

The role of contact centers is increasingly important as companies around the world strive to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Next-gen analytics uses data science methods, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to identify patterns and trends in customer interactions and decide the next course of action for the best outcome.

How to reimagine the customer journey with next-gen analytics

Understanding customers is at the core of redefining customer experience. Next-gen analytics provides organizations opportunities to identify segments and microsegments through advanced clustering, scoring and decisioning techniques for journey optimization and hyper-personalization.

How Analytics-as-a-Service (Aaas) and platform-based analytics solutions are driving the way forward

With AaaS capability to fully customizable BI solutions with consolidated structured and unstructured data and understand customer preferences and purchasing patterns learn how analytics has the potential to optimize customer journeys and drive an organization’s strategic decisions.

Challenges and best practices while implementing next-gen analytics

Gaining insights into the primary obstacles organizations encounter when adopting three fundamental levers—process, technology and people—and identifying the best practices to maximize value realization.