In the last few years, the customer experience (CX) industry has undergone a sea change. Customers perceive speed, convenience, and knowledgeable help as critical factors driving a positive customer experience.

So, what does it take to deliver quick resolutions, low-effort experiences and convenience for customers today?

We took a closer look at what delivering human-centric experiences for brands and their customers means and how our partnership with Krisp, an AI-based noise cancellation technology, can empower our customer service agents to deliver world-class CX in every call.

In this whitepaper get insights on

 Human centric

Which human-centric trends that are shaping future of customer experience?

Evolving consumer needs require digital solutions built on a human-centric approach to make it easy for agents to deliver customer satisfaction. The future of CX is built on three pillars – the renewed need for connection, weaving empathy into the agents’ approach and leveraging AI, and Automation to enhance the human-centric experience.

How to build effective customer conversations?

We consider the ways in which consumer contact has dramatically changed over the past years, and how effective communication can positively impact your CX. It’s the blend of digital, quality, and empathy that now defines a truly effective customer interaction.

Krisp AI-powered

Krisp AI-powered noise cancellation - how does it work?

Every single call matters when it comes to delivering a superior CX. Understand how an AI-based noise cancellation tool, Krisp, mutes background noises both for agents and customers during calls. Less background noise enhances call quality enabling agents to deliver quality customer interaction across devices and environments.

How digital technology and empathy go hand in hand - The Startek way!

Imagine if every interaction made your customer feel understood. By harnessing digital technology and empathy-led human-centric customer experience across data, technology, and people, we enable our clients to close the CX gap and build long-term, profitable customer relationships.

Digital Technology