Social media

Social media is a pervasive in nature and harnessing its energy for business relevance is a must do. We design and power human intelligent social media support, technologies, and approaches, across multiple channels. Our transformation experts ensure your social campaigns and communities are performance-driven, brand aligned and nurtures loyalty. Our social omniscient approaches are underpinned by personalized CX, intelligence, digital analytics, and enriching engagement. We work with brands from inception to maturity, as trusted partners, helping you realize true value, experiences and business outcomes that meet your needs and exceed customer expectations.

Creating a two-way conversation or a social connection is an aim of every business. Being social media channel agnostic, we monitor and respond on an extensive array of social media channels. While we have a propriety software to do so, we are also impeccably experienced with utilizing an array of social media marketing and support tools that engage across platforms. We also help you convert consumers into brand advocates via seamless social care while also managing brand engagements to improve CX. Our consistent care approaches are built for resolution and loyalty.

As an ever-changing, free-flowing nexus of conversations, social media can be a double-edged sword. We help you discern what are potentiallybrand crisis situations and what is merely an issue that needs brand engagement and resolution. We serve as a monitoring and listening resource on behalf of brands through AI enabled platforms. Our ability is to escalate and elevate all campaigns and conversations to appropriate people when applicable. As an addition, we also provide insights on brands campaigns.

It is good to acknowledge that a strong digital community built around your brand is invaluable, but it also falls on you to keep it safe. As one of our fastest growing areas of support, we pull in data from community forums, native brand websites and aggregation toolsto set up processes to moderate the content; be it posts, news, products, feedback to validate that the information true and whole. We don’t just moderate, our social media analysts act as your decision-making arm for consumer analysis, sales leads, content syndication to impact brand value.

Going social has increased transparency and shifted brand perception control into the connected customers’ hands. It’s time for you to never miss a message – good or bad - and keep track of what’s being said about your brand name. As one of our largest areas of support, we aggregate digital location reviews and respond to reduce potential customer churn and leverage intelligence to build a brand-consumer relation. We respond to product reviews natively or through third party tools to ensure that people who have had a negative experience get the appropriate brand approved resolution. Lastly, we elevate the customer brand perception by engaging with, not just negative reviews and feedback, but also with positive brand engagement to increase overall social media brand sentiment.

Campaigns have the knack of reinforcing information and sentiments which is why we designed a unique solution to help brands get the most out of digital campaigns that they spend so much time, money and effort executing. We activate your current business objective with brand aligned social media mentions to proactively promote the types of campaigns you are currently involved in. We integrate and coordinate with your contact centre, marketing and service teams to maximize campaign effectiveness and drive real measurable incremental revenue. We deploy robust intelligence to help you develop scalable and reliable campaigns that engage customers and grow businesses.

Social media consumers have great purchasing powers – now more than ever. Social selling can be good news for business; however it is not guarantee. We help you optimize sales both proactively and reactively with tactics such as - native social media site private messaging, by-proxy sales execution, retail store digital hand offs, online appointment setting, abandoned shopping cart recovery, abandoned webform completion, monitoring competitor mentions, consumer insights and more. In short, we enhance your direct cross sell and upsell opportunities.

LISA is our digital cloud based platform that engages and analyses digital data across social media, inbound email, webchat, messenger platforms as well as other areas to aggregate that data to be displayed in a way that our social media analyst know what data needs to be acted on and how. It monitors, responds, analyses and offers customer insights so as to bring in real-world results. LISA integrates with your CRM and chatbot platforms seamlessly. It is a collaborative, customizable, customer-centric digital business solution that delivers a competitive advantage for digital brand engagement.

Amid a clutter of digital online conversations, your business needs to make sense of data via analytics to develop actionable insights. We help you boost data driven strategies and outcomes. We have developed analytics reporting and business insights that measure real ROI for our social media and digital support programs. Our technical and operational teams work diligently to ensure all data sources are mapped. Then with a 360-degree holistic view, we take pertinent date from any channel and help you optimize customer experience and satisfaction on an individual basis. An added advantage is our very own CX innovation lab which enables transformations.