In a rapidly changing world, cloud empowers novel and flexible operating models. As part of our geo strategy, accelerated by global shifts, we have moved to the Campus on Cloud framework. Startek Cloud is our next-generation hybrid omni-cloud platform, integrated with AI capabilities, which leverages remote and home-based specialists, and telework for increased business agility and continuity. With a foundation based on four pillars - virtual desktop cloud, web-enabled contact center, workforce management and e-learning - it is a system that serves every real-time requirement, on-demand.

We offer facial recognition systems, voice bio-metrics, end-to-end data encryption, watermarks and masking secure content, immediate data visualisation and BI/ML, conduct monitoring and many more security-rich features to ensure that every business connection is conducted in a strong, safe environment.

AI underpins all the methodologies used on our multi-cloud, making interactions highly responsive, collaborative, virtually connected, and future ready. The platform will also deploy conversational AI bots that monitor employee productivity and generate an automated report at the end of the workday.

We enable the uberisation of workforces with advanced security, intelligent automation and our AI bot. This facilitates your business to hire talent on demand, customise workforces to projects, cut costs, and deliver timely, thoughtful experiences.

Our enhanced technology features assist the remote work technology platform. With faster responses, quicker resolutions, real-time services, monitored and measured conduct, and more, your business can upgrade the experiences offered to customers. Moreover, in the era of digitization, our model offers personalization at every connection.

We have infused advanced technology to drive cyber and data security. Our model has the capability to address unprecedented circumstances, drive digital acceleration and avoid business disruption. It offers sustainable protection and timely risk addressal with proactive monitoring of the digital/physical environments.

It helps your business expedite onboarding with training, productivity tools, and virtual classroom sessions which are effectively designed to enhance employee experiences.

Our built-for-change model enables your business to deliver scalable, resilient and relevant cloud solutions from anywhere. Our highly secure services and skilled teams, as powered by technology, are an essential component of your business continuity plans.