Leading businesses are beginning to understand the relationship between CX and EX. According to various researches, companies with happy and engaged employees lead to delivering a better customer experience. Exceptional EX is all about empowering your employees with a set of tools, and training that will help them accomplish their full potential and business goals.

Deployed as a single solution or individual modules, Startek Agent AI improves both the agent and customer experience to deliver superior CX and builds on the success of the award-winning Startek Cloud. Startek Cloud combines technology and a process framework, to enable agents to work remotely on any device, while built-in security governance safeguards operations at all times.

Startek Coach brings on-demand training to contact center teams. By simulating real-life customer contacts, including live chat and voice interactions, agents perfect their skills in a safe environment. High-grade speech-to-text transcription and AI models enable Startek AI Coach to prompt best practice actions in real-time, increasing speed to proficiency.

A powerful coaching tool, Startek Coach, tracks agent progress over time delivering automated coaching sessions, providing insights and recommending development areas to maximize time spent with live coaches.

Startek Coach increases speed to proficiency by as much as 50 percent.

Startek Gamification connects data across contact center metrics to identify agent behaviors and employs AI to provide insights on agent performance. A real-time view of individual performance drives employee engagement while gamification modules drive desired behaviors, leading to operational efficiencies.

Startek Gamification reduces average handle time (AHT) by as much as 10 percent, improves first contact resolution (FCR) by up to 10 percent and increases customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 5 percent or more.

Startek Knowledge Management combines cognitive algorithms which continuously learn from enterprise knowledge sources, enabling Startek agents to instantly access the most current information. Without the need to memorize or search for information, agents deliver faster and more consistent resolutions to customer queries and relieved of the burden of searching for information agents focus more of their time on the customer delivering a more personalized experience.

Startek Knowledge Management reduces ticket creation and triage times by up to 35 percent, reduces manual effort in email customer support by as much as 50 percent and reduces AHT by up to 20 percent across all omnichannel interactions.

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