Access a wider talent pool and secure your business continuity plan with Startek® Work-From-Home Solutions

Access diverse and highly engaged teams of agents to minimize agent attrition and enhance CX

Traditionally, contact centers delivered their services from brick-and-mortar locations. But modern customer experience (CX) solutions providers blend onsite and work-from-home teams to deliver CX resilience for the brands they serve.

The COVID-19 pandemic drove a seismic change in the delivery of CX services, with organizations across the globe mobilizing home working for agents — often for the first time. And this global shift revealed that home working can deliver benefits for agents and brands alike.


Startek® Work-from-Home Services

Enjoy the benefits that come with work-from-home teams:

Deliver better CX For many agents, working from the comfort of their own homes provides greater flexibility and enables a better work-life balance. Freed from the expense and time burden of commuting, agents are happier in their work. Happy agents are more committed, they stay longer and develop a deeper understanding of their role and the needs of the customers they are serving, driving customer satisfaction.

Access a wider talent pool Without the need to be present at a physical site, Startek® work-from-home agents can be located anywhere within the countries we operate. This creates opportunities for associates in more remote locations, as well as those who may be restricted from traveling from their homes, allowing us to access a wider pool of talent with more diverse skills and backgrounds.

Reduce agent attrition While the desire to work from home varies by country, for many agents, especially those in the U.S., Canada and Australia, there is a strong preference for work-from-home roles. Preferring the flexibility of home working, work-from-home agents tend to stay in their roles longer, reducing agent attrition and the costs associated with hiring and upskilling new agents

Better disaster preparedness Whether a global pandemic or a localized snowstorm, when the unexpected strikes, work-from-home teams are better able to mitigate disruption. Because work-from-home teams are spread across regions or geographies, it is less likely that the entire team would be impacted by a natural disaster. A physical site in an impacted region may be required to temporarily cease or restrict operations.

Securing your data in a work-from-home environment The proprietary Startek® Cloud underpins our work-from-home operating model. This award-winning solution combines technology and a process framework to enable associates to work from anywhere and on any device, while built-in security governance safeguards operations at all times. Learn more about Startek Cloud.

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