Organizations are responsible for the experiences of their consumers as they interact with their brand. Positive brand experiences drive customer engagement, promote loyalty and create lifelong fans. But a single negative experience can send your customer to your competitor.

Consumers are increasingly shopping and engaging online, but organizations that do not actively manage third-party content, from product reviews to communities and forums, risk their brand reputation as a result of scams and online bullying.

41% of Americans have personally experienced some form of online harassment. And, with more than 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, user-generated content can be hard for brands to monitor and effectively manage alone.

Through content moderation services, Startek enables brands to ensure trust and safety for their consumers both in their own online spaces and in third-party communities, including social media and online marketplaces, where engagement around the brand takes place.

From content creation, moderation, review and compliance to content delivery and updating, Startek combines automation and live agents to ensure that text, image and video content adhere to your guidelines and that your community spaces are free from bullying, harassment, illegal or harmful content.

People lose more to romance scams than any other FTC fraud category, a staggering $1.3 billion in 2021. While online dating sites are an obvious target, your customers don’t have to be looking for love to be the target of scammers. Guard against your online forum becoming fertile ground for those with malintent.

From unauthorized sellers and fake reviews to payment fraud, Startek leverages data analytics to discover potentially fraudulent activity, investigate and prevent fraud from taking place.

Scammers and online bullies use fake accounts to enable their activity. Startek identifies and removes fake accounts and unauthorized users in line with your brand policies. We enable your business to ensure platform, business and payment integrity.

The growth of user generated content creates the opportunity for widespread copyright and intellectual property (IP) issues to arise. Brands also have a legal responsibility to ensure that content on their platforms remains in line with local, regional and global requirements.

Startek offers compliance services so your brand can be confident that your online platforms remain one step ahead of app and developer, shopping and payment, copyright, IP and legal compliance requirements.

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