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In a world where customers consistently interact with your brand across multiple channels—including digital and social—we at Startek value our ability to effectively garner those interactions and CX insights, analysing, unlocking, and providing intelligence that drives digital transformation and further revenues for you, our client.

Put simply: we break down the complexity of your customer lifecycle and help your customers build and sustain emotional connections with your brand.

Our tech-enabled and Human assisted digital solutions build both on your CX requirements and our business transformation expertise and willingness to consistently pivot, innovate, and take advantage of new digital technologies.

It’s a robust approach. We’ve partnered with global brands for over 3 decades now —working with them across their consumer value chain and providing new age customer experience solutions and insights that are helping them define and reach their target audiences with greater efficiency and better value for every dollar spent.

Our partnerships have always been about more than building emotional connections with customers; they are about using artificial intelligence, omnichannel orchestration and providing CX insights & technologies, that has the power for digital transformation We do this across 46 locations in 13 countries, with over 40,000 employees managing almost half a billion customer interactions every year for over 150 clients in different industries.

Where would you like your business to be tomorrow, and how can we help you get there?


Seven reasons why Startek leads the way

We avoid the generic

We are—first and foremost—custodians of your brand. And mindful of that responsibility, our solutions portfolio is bespoke; we design our CX tools and technologies to meet your business drivers.


We enable business resiliency

Better CX that builds on genuine connections with your customers—and better analyses of the resulting data—enables our clients to consistently chart a distinctive course, even in challenging times.


We pioneered the ‘Campus on Cloud ’

Our highly secure and scalable Startek Cloud framework enables virtual and multi-cultural teams to work across our global network in a secured and agile framework. Our cloud infrastructure is enabled by best-of-breed technologies to make your business responsive, resilient and future- ready.



Our focus on the digitization of customer engagement channels and an integrated business-client-partner approach help us sense incipient shifts in global dynamics and customer-competitor behaviors.


We offer decades of Industry knowledge and expertise

We draw on over thirty years of experience with blue-chip clients across the world to offer you a depth of multi-industry knowledge and expertise. We don’t believe in just staying in the game but are always pushing through to understand current and future trends that will help both us and our clients stay ahead of your industry.


Diversity is us

Our people represent the best of who we are: diverse, global, passionate, and entrepreneurial in spirit.Our investments in innovation and new age CX solutions, best reflects our commitment to continually deliver to our global clients each and every day.


An unwavering commitment to innovation

Innovation is not really a choice at Startek, and it’s not restricted to continual improvement. Across our value chain and among our people, innovation is a way of life. Blue sky thinking is a norm.Both incremental and leapfrog innovations are encouraged and often rewarded.