Work From Home

Volatile market conditions, shortage of talent and unprecedented challenges have mandated the WFH option. Ours is a model that is unique in that it is highly secured, highly compliant, and highly flexible. We have a cloud enabled virtual desktop for our engagement specialists with a BYOD approach. A virtual command center, consisting of functional and business leaders is ever activated to enable real-time monitoring of business continuity across geographies. Data Security is one of our strongest assets and to that end we have Artificial Intelligence enabled applications that are designed to activate alerts, conduct monitoring, offer facial detection systems, watermark and mask secure content and more – all to make your business more resilient and agile.

Our client’s confidence with our proven, secure, and compliant WFH technologies helps deepen your connection with your customers through digital contactless customer communication. We’re here – be it for a new business reality or for the uncertain times.

Gain increased access to a skilled talent resource across wide geographies which in turn helps serve a diverse range of customers. Remote workers often have higher commitment to deliver superior results which in turn elevates CX and turnovers.

Minimize the expenses of running a physical space therefore creating a smaller carbon footprint. In the long run, your organization will increase sustainability providing a positive impact on the environment.

Flex up or down easily for quicker adaption to unforeseen events or contact volumes. This in turn your business to be agile, highly responsive and future ready.

Meet consumer expectations consistently and with less disruption on a built-for-change model. Deliver superior customer experience with consistency and clarity resulting in improved business performance and results.

Stay-at-home agents can work from anywhere across the globe while also remaining virtually connected to centralized command centers and their teams. This set up provides and opportunity for clients to interact with a distributed workforce to carry out versatile needs while also keeping the agents engaged.