From service to strategy: My journey of transformation at Startek® 

Christopher Bondoc
Christopher Bondoc

Aug 31, 2023 | 4 min read

Starting his career journey as a Startek® call center agent was a decision that would shape Christopher (Chris) Bondoc’s path in ways he had never anticipated. 14 years later, leading Operations for Startek Philippines, Chris’s agent role served as a springboard for his progression into leadership positions. 

In this blog, Chris recounts his journey sharing how the experience of being a call center agent laid the foundation for his growth and success. 

“As a call center agent my role focused on assisting customers with their inquiries and concerns. While customer service may seem routine, this role provided me with a valuable platform to develop essential skills.

Empathy, effective communication, problem-solving and time management became second nature as I engaged with a diverse range of customers. Each interaction with customers was an opportunity to understand their needs and this became the bedrock of my customer-centric approach, an approach that has guided me throughout my career. 

Christopher Bondoc - Sr. Director, Operations

The transition from a call center agent to a Senior Director role was not a sudden leap but a natural progression fuelled by learning and growth. I have been fortunate to be part of a company that recognizes and nurtures potential. My commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and my eagerness to embrace challenges caught the attention of my supervisors. 

Stepping into a supervisory role was an important milestone in my journey. This transition brought new responsibilities and the chance to lead a team. It was during this phase that I learned the intricacies of team dynamics, conflict resolution and effective collaboration. The experience of guiding my peers laid the groundwork for my future leadership roles. 

My journey continued as I progressed to the role of a manager. This pivotal step challenged me to embrace strategic thinking, business acumen and the ability to balance individual and team goals. The support and resources offered by Startek boosted my confidence in tackling complex challenges.  

Promotion to a senior manager marked a transition into a higher level of leadership. Stepping into this role expanded my responsibilities to include cross-functional collaboration, resource allocation and driving departmental synergy. A culture of continuous learning that Startek promotes propelled me forward, enabling me to develop a more holistic perspective of the organization. This phase tested my decision-making abilities as I shaped strategies that aligned with company goals while nurturing a culture of innovation among my team

At each step, as I took on new challenges, Startek offered mentorship and training opportunities I needed to develop my capabilities, enabling me to navigate through each of my roles with confidence. The structured training programs at Startek have been the cornerstone of my journey. Whether it's technical skills, leadership principles or industry-specific knowledge, training is tailored to address the evolving demands of roles and to reflect the needs of the fast-paced evolution of the customer experience industry. 

Work Together, one of the four Startek values, strikes a deep chord with me and it's a principle I wholeheartedly embrace. I've come to understand that collaboration is not just a buzzword here, it's a way of life. This value has encouraged me to actively seek out opportunities for teamwork, share knowledge and support my colleagues' success. I believe that working together not only generates innovative ideas but also fosters a sense of unity that drives us towards achieving our shared goals. Embodying this value allows me to make meaningful contributions while being part of a cohesive and motivated team ensuring that our collective efforts have a positive impact on both our business and our workplace culture. 

Today, I proudly hold the position of Senior Director, Operations for Startek Philippines. This position enables me to play a part in shaping the overarching operational landscape of the company, collaborating with executive teams, crafting long-term strategies and steering the organization towards success. The road to this position has been marked by resilience, mentorship and a commitment to excellence. 

As I reflect on my journey at Startek, I'm filled with gratitude for the path I've travelled. Looking back, I attribute much of my growth and success to the incredible managers and mentors who guided me along the way. Their mentorship has been my inspiration shaping my leadership style, honing my decision-making abilities and instilling a deep commitment to excellence. Today, with my personal understanding of where an agent role can take you, I am committed to being a guide and mentor to the associates who aspire to climb the ladder by offering them the same level of support and encouragement that I received. 

My career at Startek has been transformative defined by growth, challenges and the consistent support of a company that values its associates’ development. Above all, starting as an agent granted a unique vantage point that enabled me to truly understand the intricacies of a successful and rewarding customer experience. It's precisely this background that fuels my advice to those embarking on the first steps of their careers to consider starting as a contact center agent. This role lays the groundwork for a profound understanding of the business and cultivates a strong sense of ownership. The insights gained and the growth opportunities presented in this role set a solid foundation for success.” 

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