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 Startek Editorial
Startek Editorial

Jan 17, 2023 | 3 min read

In the modern contact center, agents and their experience are paramount. Brands are increasingly aware that the agent experience has a direct relationship to the experience of their customers who interact with the agents in the contact center. In an environment where it is harder than ever to attract and retain top talent, empowering agents through the use of modern tools and training that enhance interactions with customers and enrich their work lives can make a big difference in enhancing CX.  

In the webinar Transforming Agent Experience, Abhinandan Jain, Chief Digital Officer, Startek and Marc Bernstein, CEO and Founder, Balto explore how AI and automation can address the challenges faced by contact center agents and drive better outcomes for your business.

Key webinar takeaways

Empower agents with the right tools and training

Contact centers are rapidly adopting technology to manage their workforce and improve agent performance. The right tools and training empower agents to create an engaging and immediate experience for their customers that will keep them coming back. From automation to gamification, technology reduces the need for agents to perform repetitive tasks, reduces errors and empowers contact center teams to focus their attention on the customer. Well-trained employees feel more confident and drive efficiency.

Recognize and reward

Recognizing and rewarding contact center agents goes a long way in keeping them motivated by providing them a sense of accomplishment and recognition for their hard work. It is a simple yet effective way to show your appreciation to the team. Programs can be customized to individual agents and tailored to specific interests, learning requirements and goals. Overall, the use of reward and incentive programs supports a positive and engaging work environment, leading to increased job satisfaction and retention.

People and processes produce outcomes. Technology scales outcomes

Organizations with few established processes and best practices must consider investing in people and process first to produce results. It is important for the organization to stay close to the problem and witness it end to end to find the right solution to a problem rather than just looking for new technologies and implementing them without understanding the root causes. Likewise, organizations that do not have in-house expertise in technology must continue focusing on people and processes as it will be very difficult for them to drive and measure the intended impact.

Ultimately, it’s people who work through various workflows and drive the top line and bottom line, so adopt people and processes first approach to work on fundamentals.

Once an organization has aligned people and processes to drive outcomes and understand the formula that makes outcomes successful, utilize technology to apply known solutions to similar problem types to deliver macro impact.

Create a positive culture

A healthy work environment positively affects employee productivity. This is especially important in a contact center environment because agents work in demanding roles managing internal metrics and customer concerns.

Today’s contact center is focused on enabling, engaging and rewarding agents.

3 steps to build a strong contact center culture

  • Enable: equip agents with tools and technology that simplify and automate complex work.
  • Engage: establish a foundation of empathy and healthy relationship with agents where they feel heard, understood and valued.
  • Reward: Fairly assess agents and motivate them with rewards and recognition.

At Startek we understand that it is the outcome that determines the success of any program. Our approach combines people, data and technology to build experience driven by meaningful, actionable insights.

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