Digital transformation delivers 34% call deflection for Jemena 

Our client, Jemena, a leading Australian energy distributor, serves 1.9 million residential and commercial properties with natural gas and electricity.

Managing an $11 billion utility infrastructure, Jemena supplies millions of households and businesses with essential services every day. 

The challenge

By modernizing its call center delivery, Jemena wanted to improve engagement with its increasingly digital-savvy customers and enhance its overall customer experience (CX).  

Faced with significant call volumes, Jemena sought to harness the power of digital transformation to deliver a major CX uplift program that would: 

  • Reduce average handle time (AHT) 
  • Support the real-time identification of supply outages 
  • Implement an effective quality assurance (QA) program and create clear performance metrics to aid ongoing training 
  • Deliver a superior employee experience (EX)  

The Startek® solution:

To enable fast, efficient, 24/7 service, Startek: 

  • Developed four natural language voice bots with 112 intents and over 900 initial training use cases 
  • Set up call routing priorities based on specific intents 
  • Deployed top-tier natural language interactive voice response (IVR) with individual outage messaging, aiding virtual agent deflection 
  • Delivered a secure, user-friendly customer platform 
  • Provided an attractive agent user interface (UI) integrated with multiple client systems 

The results

  • Customized and scalable call routing system reduced IVR navigation time 
  • Individual customer-level outage messaging via CLI recognition enhanced CX 
  • Achieved 34% call resolution via IVR virtual agent for electricity faults and emergencies by 2022 
  • Reduced average handle time (AHT) by 100 seconds within the initial 6 months of implementation

Download the case study to learn more.

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