Startek® AI Coach delivers 33% increase in customer satisfaction

In the dynamic landscape of the telecom industry, maintaining exceptional customer experiences is paramount. As expectations rise and competition intensifies, telecom providers must adapt swiftly to deliver fast, efficient service while staying abreast of evolving promotions and offerings. 

The challenge

Contact centers are fast-paced environments and often face challenges such as early-stage attrition, performance gaps and compliance concerns. Traditional training methods, rooted in classroom-style learning, struggle to keep pace with the demand for active learning, hindering individualized feedback large group settings.

Startek identified that AI could be leveraged to improve new agent learning and enable our telecom clients to: 

  • Reduce average handle time (AHT)
  • Reduce agent attrition
  • Improve speed to proficiency
  • Enhance agent productivity 

The Startek® solution:

Leveraging extensive telecom sector experience, Startek® analyzed gaps in agent training. AI Coach simulates real-life scenarios, enabling agents to practice and master crucial call types, soft skills and best practices. The solution features: 

  • AI-driven simulation for real-life interactions 
  • Personalized coaching for individual growth 
  • In-the-moment support on the production floor

The result

  • 131-second decrease in AHT 
  • 12% increase in quality scores 
  • 33% reduction in operational costs 
  • 32% reduction in agent attrition 
  • 56% faster speed to proficiency 

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