Embracing ownership: My personal quest for responsibility 

Aldwin De Vera
Aldwin De Vera

May 09, 2024 | 4 min read

How has your journey with Startek® shaped your personal and professional growth? 

My journey with Startek has been transformative, shaping both my personal and professional growth. Starting as an agent, I relied on my interpersonal skills to navigate daily interactions with customers. However, I soon learned that skills alone were not sufficient. With the support and resources provided by Startek, I was able to excel in my role, paving the way for opportunities to advance and achieve my goal of becoming an Operations Manager. 

As I progressed within the company, I seized opportunities to take on new challenges and responsibilities. This growth journey enabled me to expand my skill set and expertise leading to advancements in my career. Transitioning into leadership roles such as a manager allowed me to further refine my abilities and contribute to the success of my team. 

My journey with Startek has not only impacted me professionally but has also enriched my personal development. Stepping into a managerial position allowed me to engage in diverse conversations with diverse teams further contributing to my personal growth. Listening to the perspectives of others broadened my understanding and enriched my outlook on various matters. In essence, Startek has played a major role in shaping who I am today, equipping me with valuable experiences and insights that continue to influence my journey. 

Aldwin De Vera - Manager, Operations Startek® Philippines
Aldwin De Vera - Manager, Operations Startek® Philippines

In my role as an Operations Manager, I perceive taking responsibility as crucial for ensuring equilibrium and contentment among all components of our operational framework. This entails ensuring that every interaction we engage in contributes value or holds significance in achieving our goals and delivering outcomes that satisfy all stakeholders involved. Also, embracing responsibility means being proactive in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities for improvement. As a leader I strive to set a positive example by taking ownership of my actions and decisions and encouraging others to do the same. 

In my daily work and interactions, I apply the principle of taking responsibility by actively listening to feedback, collaborating with colleagues to find solutions and following through on commitments. This not only strengthens team cohesion but also enhances our overall effectiveness and performance. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of transparency and communication ensuring that everyone is informed and aligned on responsibilities and expectations. 

Can you share a workplace situation where taking responsibility resulted in a positive outcome, and what did you learn? 

Last year, we faced a significant challenge when one of our clients set a higher goal for us on one of our key KPIs. Despite our team's efforts, there was a noticeable gap in performance. This prompted me to take charge and collaborate with the team to devise a plan of action. 

Recognizing the importance of taking responsibility, I addressed the issue head-on. I immediately convened the team and collaborated with our support partners to formulate strategies aimed at closing the performance gap. Our proactive approach and willingness to take ownership was important in ensuring that the action items were meticulously executed. 

Some of the initiatives I devised were a series of refresher activities designed to enhance our customer service skills. These included training sessions on techniques such as Seek First to Understand, Confident Power Close, Road to Excellent Billing Call Flow and Speed to Proficiency. These activities not only aimed at improving our performance but also fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within the team. 

Can you share an example of how training and support at Startek have helped you excel in your role and deliver exceptional service to customers/clients? 

At Startek, the training and support programs have played a key role in my professional growth and ability to deliver exceptional service to clients. When I started as an agent, I benefited greatly from the Supervisor Prep program offered by Startek. This program provided me with valuable skills and knowledge that laid the foundation for my journey as a leader. By learning effective communication techniques, problem-solving strategies and leadership principles, I was able to develop into a more confident and capable professional. 

As I progressed in my career and transitioned into the role of an Operations Manager, the support and guidance provided by Startek continued to be instrumental in my success. Whether it's through ongoing training sessions, leadership development programs, mentorship opportunities or access to resources and tools, I have always felt supported in my role. Moreover, the culture of continuous learning and improvement fostered at Startek has allowed me to stay updated on industry trends, best practices and emerging technologies. This has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to evolving customer needs and market demands ensuring that we consistently deliver high-quality service to our clients. From my early days as an agent to my current role as an Operations Manager, I am grateful for the opportunities to learn, grow and contribute to the success of our organization. 

Startek has more than 38,000 associates in 12 countries across the world. If you’re interested in joining an organization committed to creating opportunities for our associates to learn and grow, explore our open roles.  

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