From the ground up: My Startek® success story

Emerson Lopez
Emerson Lopez

Jun 24, 2024 | 3 min read

Emerson Lopez began his incredible journey 13 years ago as a Startek call center agent, eager to make his mark and learn as much as he could. With perseverance, dedication and a supportive team, Emerson overcame obstacles and achieved remarkable success and is now Senior Manager, Operations at Startek Honduras.

In this blog, Emerson shares his journey, achievements and milestones along the way.

“I joined Startek after seeing an advertisement for a supervisor position. However, I was initially selected as an agent. During the onboarding process, I was informed that this was wave zero and that from this pool of agents, supervisors would eventually be selected. This opportunity excited me as it meant that my performance and potential could quickly lead to advancement within the company.

Starting as an agent, I embraced my role with determination and enthusiasm. I was committed to excelling at every task and after two months of hard work my efforts paid off; I was selected to become a supervisor. This initial promotion was just the beginning of a fulfilling career journey.

Emerson Lopez- Senior Manager, Operations
Emerson Lopez - Senior Manager, Operations

As a supervisor, I learned the importance of leadership, teamwork and effective communication. These were crucial skills when I later advanced to the position of assistant manager. I faced new challenges and responsibilities in this role but I was determined to overcome them and continue my professional growth. My dedication and performance didn’t go unnoticed and I was soon promoted to manager.

Startek is dedicated to the career development of its associates by providing online learning tools such as the Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS) and Standard Operating Platform (SOP). Additionally, Startek partners with leading online learning platforms to offer an even broader range of educational opportunities. These resources are designed to enhance skills, expand knowledge and foster professional growth.

As senior manager of operations I focused on honing my operational management skills and these courses provided me with deeper insights into operational strategies, enhancing my decision-making skills and equipping me with the latest industry best practices. The skills I gained have been crucial in driving performance improvements and achieving our operational goals, ultimately contributing to the company’s success.

I strongly relate to one of the main Startek values: Working Together. This principle of collaboration is not just a corporate slogan but a driving force behind our daily operations. Personally, it impacts my work by creating an environment where open communication and mutual support are the norm. When my team and I tackle complex projects, the collective brainstorming and shared responsibility lead to innovative solutions that we could not achieve individually. This collaborative culture enhances our operational efficiency and inspires my leadership approach, making it more inclusive and dynamic.

I am proud to hold the position of senior manager of operations. Reflecting on my 13-year journey, I am grateful for the opportunities and the people who supported me along the way. My perseverance and commitment are key to my career development, but the teamwork and camaraderie made the journey truly rewarding.

My story is a testament to the incredible potential within each of us. The foundational experience of working as an agent has given me invaluable insights into the core of our business and frontline associates’ challenges. It’s this deep understanding that shapes my approach to management and decision-making. I always advise young people embarking on their journey to begin their career as an agent because it equips them with essential skills, empathy and a strong work ethic. Starting at ground level allows them to appreciate the full spectrum of the business operations and positions them for greater success and future leadership roles.”

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