Beyond the Rainbow: a Pride We Celebrate Around the Year

June is Pride Month around the world—a time to reflect on diversity and inclusion, both as individuals and organizations. Both of these values are crucial to an organization’s health and growth; engaged and empowered employees form the bedrock of Startek’s business and we work hard to provide an environment that encourages and fosters the diversity we want.

We appreciate the words of Jesse Jackson, who once observed that: “Inclusion is not a matter of political correctness. It is the key to growth.” It is a reminder that life is about that very key—respecting individuals and respecting the rights of our colleagues, friends, and family. And among our approaches to creating that inclusion for all and moving beyond the logo and one day of celebration, are employee-led and driven support networks, and healthcare and life policies on par with other employees.

We draw guidance from colleagues like Shauna in Australia, and Kim in the Philippines. Their words help us know we are doing things right for our diverse community through providing a safe, accommodating, and welcoming workspace at our global campuses.

“From the beginning of my professional journey with Startek,” says Shauna, “it was breathtakingly obvious that the diversity and inclusivity within the company was something akin to a big loving family. I have formed relationships with people from all walks of life - all backgrounds, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations and abilities. It has made such a big impact on how myself, and so many others, view the positivity and the infrastructure of this amazing company. I personally have never felt so welcomed and accepted by another company in my entire career so far. I truly believe that Startek employs people that contribute such a unique view and diverse approach to various jobs or problems at hand and that it benefits the company and our culture immensely.”

Kim from the Philippines firmly believes that "Establishing equality is a top challenge that the entire human society is facing at the moment. Businesses and specifically people management can play a significant role in this regard by working on the diversity and inclusion policies and strategies in the workplace." Diversity and inclusion are strengths of Startek, this institution provides fun and exciting activities like the Pride Month celebration and opportunities for self-growth regardless of gender, race, age, and status in life.

Those levels of empathy are an intrinsic part of our Values at Startek and is simply stated: We celebrate our unique differences. It’s an approach that informs our award winning six-dimensional framework of diversity and inclusivity—covering gender and orientation inclusivity, socially and economically disadvantaged people, culturally and linguistically diverse people, mature age people, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), and inclusion of indigenous people. In other words, we celebrate who our people are and the skills they bring to work each and every day. Their growth is ours as well.