Social Media Customer Engagement – In The Age Of Covid

Just a few short months ago we were all counting down the new year and joyfully ringing in the “roaring 2020’s”. A new decade and new plans for our respective families, careers, and lives in general. Little did we all know that before the decade could even get off to a real start, we would all be bunkered down in our respective homes and what used to be our normal every day lives would be anything but normal for the foreseeable future. In 2020 we have traded conference rooms for at-home conference calls, social gatherings for social distancing and nights out with our friends for nights on zoom meetings or FaceTime. We certainly did not expect to be living 2020 like this but we have all learned to adapt to our new normal.

This new normal does not just apply to us personally but it extends to many other areas, including our businesses. Due to the “new normal” brought on by Covid19, businesses have had to adapt to meet the new demands of their customers. That holds true for Startek as well. Our clients, now more than ever, are being tasked with providing support and services that may not have previously been in their customer journey roadmap or may have not even previously existed at all.

Many of Startek’s client partners are looking for help to navigate new paths of customer care and support for both their customers and their employees and we have tackled those objectives head on, together as partners. One of the large areas of customer care growth over the past month for our client partners has been digital and social media engagement. Our clients have seen huge increases in their inbound social media volume across all core social media contact channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ratings & Reviews). This volume is not just from customers but also from employees who are choosing to engage and stay informed during the rapid changes to business policies, operations and procedures that this pandemic has brought to businesses.

Startek has worked diligently to expand our social media support teams during this time to cover the additional volume. We have also worked to set up new procedures with our client teams to monitor, triage and escalate social media chatter and commentary that is specific to Covid19 and our client partner brands. Startek has been the front line social media engagement arm for many brands during this time to help alleviate public employee concerns and help guide customers to the answers that they need, that in many cases are very different from the types of answers that they would normally be receiving. We have worked together with our partner brands to design social media responses, escalation processes and even proactive positive outreach campaigns that are put together to achieve the goal of a more positive customer experience. One of the most valuable assets to our client partners has been Startek’s ability to quantify social media customer engagement topics related to Covid19. We have been able to aggregate data from social media, as well as all of the other

omni-channel contact channels that we support, in a successful effort to quantify the types of reasons customers and employees are engaging with our partner brands related to this pandemic. As Startek has many clients that are considered essential during this time, many of our client partners have employees who have been concerned about continuing work or have questions about new procedures for work related to changes due to the pandemic. Similarly, they also have customers who have questions about availability, new hours of operation, new processes, etc. Startek has been able to relay that information and quantify the quantity and the types of specific inquiries we receive so that our partners can better prepare moving forward to exceed the needs and expectations of their employees and customers alike.

While our ‘essential business’ client partners have learned to excel in this “new normal”, Startek has been a value-added partner that they can trust to handle their customer and employee questions and concerns during this trying time. As we look forward to the coming months, there is a lot of uncertainty in how much business will return to the pre-pandemic normal. The one thing that is certain is that Startek is prepared. We are prepared to meet the changing, and ever more digital needs of our clients and work with them to exceed the needs of their customers in 2020 and beyond.

If your brand has the need for a more digitally focused customer care strategy, let’s chat!