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Best In Class:  Finding Answers to Higher Education’s Top Engagement Challenges In today’s changing landscape of higher education, maintaining strong relationships with students can be a difficult assignment. Overall enrollment is on the decline while the cost of higher education continues to rise. Competition is stiff to enroll and retain students who want more value out of their investment in education. Student populations are more diverse than ever, and institutions are being challenged to provide greater accountability for student outcomes. Read More
Class is in Session – How to Create the Ideal Student Experience Transitions in life can be both exciting and nerve-racking, especially when it comes to education. Whether a learner is deciding to enroll in a higher education program or a parent is deciding to home school their children, it’s often a very personal and often emotional journey. With so many options from the traditional classroom to online learning, it can be difficult to navigate through the myriad of choices. Much like consumers, students expect experiences with their educational... Read More
Consumer Trust in the Auto World Buying a car is an emotional experience because it’s such a big-ticket item. For the average car buyer, it’s the second most expensive item they will own after their home. It’s also a long-term commitment that can last more than a decade. While consumers are spending less than 10 hours to build, price, and search inventories, it’s still a labor-intensive process with multiple opportunities to make or break trust across the buyer and owner journeys. Read More
New Trends in the Automotive Industry – Love Them or Hate Them? The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation. Changing consumer behaviors, the accelerated rise of technology-driven trends, and less constrained competition are revolutionizing the capital-intensive, wholesale industry. While automotive executives across the globe are faced with an uncertain future, consumers are taking advantage of a myriad of trends designed to make their lives more flexible and convenient. Let’s explore some of the trends driving this transformational change. Read More
Shaking Up the Automotive Industry In the age of electric, hybrid, connected, and autonomous vehicles, could you imagine driving a steam powered car? Probably not. The automotive industry has certainly come a long way from the mass-production of the Ford Model T, but technology isn’t the only thing changing in the automotive space. Emerging entrants are disrupting the industry and redefining how consumers buy, own, use, and drive their vehicles. With so many new ownership models available, consumers are clearly in the... Read More
Social Tips to Boost Your Brand Each year we make resolutions or goals and promise ourselves that this year will be better than the one before. We try new diets or exercise programs, attempt to quit bad habits, and maybe even set goals to tackle organizing our storage closets and junk drawers. Resolutions are about making good decisions when it comes to our everyday lives, but what about making resolutions to improve the lives of our customers? What would it mean to your customer satisfaction scores and revenue goals if... Read More