Do it For the Gram

Jan 10, 2019 8:32:00 AM

in Customer Service, Blog

Heart hands at sunset, toes in the sand, the perfect video angle of the candy falling out of the piñata cake your friend just cut; apply the right filter and post. You’ve probably seen these types of images multiple times on Instagram. Millions of posts flood Instagram daily from brands, celebrities, and even our furry friends like Doug the Pug. Searching for a specific outfit for that upcoming wedding? Need a makeup tutorial for that new eyeshadow palette? You don’t have look too far. Instagram does the work for you. Swipe up on that Instagram story for a link to purchase or follow specific hashtags with your interest so you don’t miss a beat. With the dozens of social media platforms out there why Instagram?

If Your Brand’s Not a Fan – You Should Be

Since its inception eight years ago, Instagram has grown to more than one billion users worldwide. Instagram provides companies with the opportunity to post and share products or services in real time, which is a benefit when dealing with consumers who want it now. Consumers can view products or watch services being performed via short videos or several images within the post or story. Not only do those posts provide customers with a vibrant visual, but they also give them the ability to link directly to that product to purchase or book a service online – it’s that easy. Aside from being user friendly and popular why else should brands do it for the gram?

Customers Are Looking for You – Where are your current and potential customers? On Instagram of course! With over 500 million accounts active daily, your customers want to find you. If your brand is hiding under a rock, you are missing out on exposing your brand to an entire group of loyal customers waiting in the wings. In fact, 80% of users are following a business on Instagram today. What are you waiting for? Go find your customers!

Free Marketing Tool – Say What? – Shocking right? Yes, Instagram is basically a free online marketing tool to increase your customer engagement. Create hashtags, target audiences, and share interactive posts, stories, and so much more. Running ads and promoted posts will have some associated costs, but connecting your audience and sharing content costs you nothing. So why not take advantage?

Competition – Most likely your competitors are on Instagram, which means you should be too. If you want to stay ahead, outdo your competition by winning the gram game. Posting pictures is simply not enough so make sure you’re using the platform as a marketing tool or you will fall behind the competition.

Interacting with Your Customers

Now we know why brands should be using the platform, but how does that translate to your customer service teams? Customers want to interact with your brand on their channel of choice, which includes Instagram. If you’re not an expert just yet, don’t panic. Today, Startek and Aegis support multiple brands across different industries to support their content and customer inquiries. Not only do we provide traditional social media support, but we take it a step further by helping brands partner with social media influencers in their specific industry. Influencers are generally focused on one industry and can help your brand build credibility. In a recent study by the Global Marketing Alliance and MERITDIRECT, 73% of influencers said they preferred Instagram as their platform of choice – giving your brand another reason to use the platform.

Besides incorporating influencers into your digital strategy, it’s important to produce content that has a lasting impression on your audience. Our digital support team helps clients tailor responses while providing a personalized experience for their customers. As social media evolves, it’s giving consumers another way to interact with brands and share feedback – both positive and negative. When customers contact you on Instagram, they expect you to respond on the same platform. Respond to that comment about a customer’s love for the product or turn that negative experience into a positive one. Don’t hit the snooze button when it comes to supporting your customers on Instagram because you may risk a media crisis.

The Future Is Insta

Instagram has become a dynamic marketing tool, that will only grow in 2019 with more user features. Instagram has plans to expand its IGTV video platform in the coming year and will continue addressing mobile users exclusively. If you want to learn more about posting or how to incorporate Instagram into your social strategy contact us today.