Social Tips to Boost Your Brand

Jan 31, 2019 8:19:00 AM

in Customer Service, Blog

Each year we make resolutions or goals and promise ourselves that this year will be better than the one before. We try new diets or exercise programs, attempt to quit bad habits, and maybe even set goals to tackle organizing our storage closets and junk drawers. Resolutions are about making good decisions when it comes to our everyday lives, but what about making resolutions to improve the lives of our customers? What would it mean to your customer satisfaction scores and revenue goals if this was the year that you delivered customer experiences that were personal, meaningful, and true to your brand? Here are three simple social media resolutions you can make to boost your brand and strengthen your customer relationships along the way.

Stop Being Basic

Move away from pre-packaged content and fire up your personalized content engines to create in-the-moment interactions. Customers are over the boring, redundant banners appearing in the news feeds of their favorite social platforms. The likelihood of increasing your loyal following is low if you use the same content for every customer group. Customers want love from your brand – not the feeling they are just another number or dollar sign. Find ways to connect with your audience – regardless of their age group – in more meaningful ways. Just because you post a lot of information doesn’t mean consumers are buying it. Quality over quantity – genuine, purposeful content will go a long way.

Engage with Stories

In 2013, Snapchat introduced us to short chains of content that we could watch multiple times up to 24 hours after posting. It didn’t take long for the other social media giants like Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp to follow suit. In fact, according to a recent study by We Are Block Party, 79% of businesses are using stories on Instagram today. Story formats allow you to post more than a basic image. You can post videos in different styles, add a filter to a selfie, or GIFs to your photo. Customers can post pictures of their favorite products and tag the brand or use specific hashtags. These features allow brands to find their customers and gather more data about the products they are using. Story bars have now been added to the top of social platforms making it easier for consumers to access your brand’s story or favorite celebrity’s endorsed products. Take your customers behind the scenes, announce a new product in real time, or let your customers pick products via polls. Stories have become your oyster with endless possibilities.

Be Truthful

Consumers are inundated with all types of social content. They don’t have time to wade through a sea of advertisements to find something meaningful. Break through the clutter by providing a human element to your brand. Introduce consumers to your team or active influencers. Putting the faces behind your brand front and center will help you make a real connection. Four in ten consumers stated they were unlikely to connect emotionally to a brand that wasn’t utilizing social media. Brands also need to be truthful by addressing customer concerns with privacy and offer better protection of their data. Skip the compulsive advertisements and create trusted content. Show customers you’re willing to partner with those regulating privacy laws to restore the median in the social media space.

Brands who stay on top of their content and monitor online customer protection with more rigor will end up gaining customer trust. To learn more about how Startek and Aegis can help your brand dialogue with your customers in a more meaningful way through social media, check out our contact us page.