AI, RPA, smart IVR, virtual agents

Download this IDC profile highlighting our investments in the future of CX

You’ve read about our approach to digitizing customer experience across industries. As clients, you've experienced a swift transition to remote work environments through early days of the pandemic. Now there’s validation from the industry analysts about our roadmap for what's next in digital CX. A recent IDC report titled Startek's Customer Experience Services and Digital Solutions highlights our key differentiators and focus on investments that future proof our products and services.

Download your copy of the IDC report to learn more about how we’re gearing up for the next in digital customer experience.

“Startek manages business and customer experiences through its end-to-end digitally enabled customer experience solutions. Its suite of services offers flexibility and scalability to maximize customer lifetime value (CLTV) and returns,” the profile adds.

Startek's key differentiators according to the IDC report

  • Investments in digital and innovation: Startek continues to invest in technology (quality automation, omnichannel capabilities, smart IVR, virtual agents [RPA], and artificial intelligence) in order to offer the best customer experience to consumers, as well as having new professional skills and greater abilities to administer them.
  • Proprietary cloud platforms: Startek's Startek Cloud in-house unified cloud and LISA platforms are at the core of the company's approach to customer engagement, helping integrate multichannel customer engagement, reduce overhead costs, and increase employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Global delivery model: With a presence in 13 countries across 46 locations, Startek is a global organization that designs a unique blend of global delivery models from onshore, offshore, nearshore, and hybrid models. Startek has a variety of competency centers and a customized mix of linguistic, cultural, and geographic proximity centers.
  • Customer experience design through the science of communication: Startek's communication training program called "The Essential Habits of Dialogue" trains specialist in six essential habits composed of 18 individual functions pertaining to the science of communication. These include establishing credibility, asking insightful questions, optimism, and building rapport. This empowers frontline specialists to identify the highly complex set of emotions and moods, combined with task-related needs to craft a unique and positive experience for each customer.

About Startek

Startek is a global provider of tech-enabled business process management solutions. The company provides omnichannel customer experience, digital transformation, and technology services to some of the finest brands globally. Startek is committed to impacting clients’ business outcomes by focusing on enhancing customer experience and digital & AI enablement across all touch points and channels. Startek has more than 40,000 CX experts spread across 46 delivery campuses in 13 countries. The company services over 250 clients across a range of industries such as Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Telecom, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Ecommerce, Consumer Goods, Retail, and Energy & Utilities. Write to us to learn more about our healthcare capabilities.