From agent to Country Head: Unfolding my success story

Manolo Moreno
Manolo Moreno

Oct 18, 2023 | 4 min read

Winning the ‘Most Innovative and Visionary Leader’ award by Awards of Happiness®, RRHH Digital and Association of Culture and Employer Branding Leaders (ALCEB) has been an incredible milestone in Manolo Moreno’s career, a journey that has taken him from a frontline call center agent to the Country Head of Startek® Honduras, leading a team of over 2,000 associates. This honor isn't just about recognition, it’s a reflection of the innovation and excellence he champions within Startek every day. 

In this blog, Manolo reflects upon his inspiring story, the lessons he's learned and the vision that has propelled him to the top. 

“My career in the call center industry began as an agent, an entry-level role that laid the foundation for everything that followed. Those early days were marked non-traditional hours, countless customer interactions and a commitment to excellence. However, I soon realized that this role was an invaluable learning experience. Each interaction was an opportunity to learn, adapt and grow. Dealing with all types of customers taught me how to remain calm under pressure, a skill that has served me well in my leadership roles. 

What set me on a different path was my hunger for knowledge and professional advancement. I saw opportunities for growth and wasn't afraid to seize them. So, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement taking courses in management, leadership, customer service excellence and communication. This commitment to personal development became one of my defining characteristics.

Manolo Moreno - startek
Manolo Moreno - Country Head, Startek Honduras

As an agent, I gained a foundational understanding of customer service and a broad perspective of the inner workings of the business. As I moved up the ranks I developed a strong business acumen, learning the importance of effective leadership and strategy. My path took me beyond the call center into the dynamic worlds of airlines and the hotel industry. These experiences broadened my horizons allowing me to grasp the complexities of large-scale operations and the nuances of successful customer experience. 

But I didn't stop there. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit I started my own business venture, learning invaluable lessons about resilience and innovation along the way. This journey was transformative, shaping my approach to leadership and my vision for the future. Returning to the call center industry, I brought with me a wealth of diverse experiences and a renewed sense of purpose. I remain committed to fostering a culture of innovation and transformation. My vision is clear - to lead by example and empower my teams to embrace change and disruption positively. My approach is built on customer centricity, a focus on continuous learning and a passion for innovation. As a leader, I've been able to apply my experience in customer service, operational excellence and entrepreneurial thinking to guide my team and organization toward new heights. 

Startek has a wealth of exceptional leaders and I've always believed that the best way to grow as a leader is by learning from those around you. Throughout my journey, I was fortunate to have worked alongside some of the most talented and experienced leaders in the industry. These leaders not only shared their wisdom but also instilled in me the belief that leadership is about empowering and supporting others. I am dedicated to guiding and nurturing the next generation of leaders within the Startek organization, helping them find their own path to success. 

Along the way, one principle has always been my guiding light – the belief in the power of human connection. From my earliest days as a call center agent to my current role as Country Head, I've seen the transformational impact that genuine human interaction can have. In an age where technology often takes center stage, it's easy to lose sight of the human factor. However, I've always made it a priority to keep human interactions at the forefront of everything I do. Whether it's connecting with team members, understanding customer needs or fostering relationships within the business, I've learned that success lies in the authenticity and understanding of human interaction. 

Teamwork and collaboration are the foundation of any successful organization and they hold a special place in my leadership philosophy, resonating deeply with one of the four Startek values – Work Together. I’ve come to understand that this value isn’t just a slogan here - it's a principle that underscores the importance of diversity, inclusivity, open communication and a shared vision. I've seen firsthand how collaboration at Startek transcends boundaries, breaks down silos and fosters an environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. 

Leadership is a path that can be forged by anyone willing to embrace change, learn continuously and inspire others. As I continue to lead my team and organization toward a brighter future, I would like to offer a piece of advice to those embarking on their career – starting your career as a call center agent is a wise and strategic choice. Having personally walked this path, I understand the unique advantages that this role offers. The role of an agent is more than just customer service, it is one that instills qualities like resilience and adaptability. It's the stepping stone to personal and professional growth, offering transferable skills that will serve you well throughout your career across roles and industries.” 

Startek employs more than 38,000 associates across the globe. If you’re interested in joining our winning team, learn more about open roles at Startek.

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